Fearlessly reclaim your dream business.

    Optimize your mindset, messaging, and marketing.

    Finally, transform your brand into the business it was always destined to become.

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    Success is not a closed practice.

    In fact, it’s self-care – for you and your audience.

    It can feel like the stars have to align at the very moment that you crack the code and reveal the secret formula that everyone else seems already have figured out.

    You’ve busted your sass to make it all work and when you look at your ever-growing to-do list, it seems like you’ll never get it all figured out, much less perfected


    Are you ready to break through the bullshit holding your business back?

    it’s time to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY AND

    Level up!


    I help entrepreneurs just like you to take your business to that next level.

    You know the one.

    If you could make a wish. If you could reimagine what your dream business.

    What would that look like?

    hey there, go go getter!

    I’ve been honored to coach, train, and work with more than 3,000 business owners to attract their best-fit clients and customers and to successfully launch their offers.

    I work with business owners to write their own success stories as they grow and scale their sustainable dream businesses.

    You could be next!

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    Coach, Copy Chief, & Offer Suite Strategist


    You don’t have to keep wishing.

    You look around and see business owners that you wish you could be. You see businesses you wish yours could be. Guess what?

    You don’t have to spend the rest of your life chasing down clients and making yourself small to attract all the customers you can.

    It’s time to finally start making those power moves. The ones you’ve been talking about forever.

    It’s time to start creating the kind of success that you’ve been spinning your wheels – and hustling your ass off – to get.

    It doesn’t have to be this hard. I got you.

    Pinky swear.

    *that’s sacred, btw

    Everything I offer is designed to break through the bullshit, the blocks, and the bottlenecks so that you can maximize your income, your influence, and your impact.

    How I can help.

    The Name Drop with Greta K

    Get ready to drop it like it’s haute with this bespoke naming service for coaches, contractors, and course creators who want a name for their packages, products, and programs that will help them get noticed, get known, and get conversions.

    The Name Drop with Greta K

    Get your sales page or funnel On. The. List and roll like the VIP you are with my VIP Copy Sprint. I’ll give you the royal treatment as I take you behind the velvet rope. I’ll even POP! some bubbly – that’s Persuasion Optimized Personality – for you and your guests readers. 

    The Name Drop with Greta K

    The secret to leveling up your first or next launch is to create or optimize your offer so that it’s so good that it’s absolutely irresistible – and it has mad unquestionable value vibes. Get your unfair advantage with an offer suite that is refined and aligned.