Conversion copy that just hits different – fast.

You don’t want just any copy.
You want “SHUT UP!” copy that gets the click.


You need copy that makes your readers feel…










How? A powerfully positioned offer that is…






choose your own advantage

14-Day Funnel Copy with Greta K

Your Strategic, Conversion Fueled Sales Page

♦️  Go from blank page to personality optimized persuasion.

– or –

♦️  Get your words revised and rearranged to connect, convert, and get the clicks.

♦️  BONUS:
7 days of clarity via Voxer, Loom, & email 

14-Day Funnel Copy with Greta K

Friction-Free Conversion Copy for Your Funnel

♦️  1 Sales Page

♦️  1 Launch Sequence

♦️  2 Sets of Ad Copy

♦️  BONUS:
14 days of clarity via Voxer, Loom, & email 

I’m  ready  for  my  VIP  Copy  Sprint !

Great strategy and great results – fast – in Greta’s copy sprints.

She is highly skilled at pinpointing the exact strategy of what your audience needs to hear and what they need your offer to be and then building the bridge that connects them. She knocked out a sales page that converts like crazy. While she did it, I was free to focus on other things. It doesn’t get any better than that. 

Amalie Schaffer

Agency Owner, Systematic Excellence


Copy Sprint

Accelerate your timeline and amplify your message with strategic, sales-inducing copy.


Hey there!

It’s time to whip some assets up.

Time is your most precious commodity so you don’t have any to waste. Revenue isn’t too far behind on your list of must haves.

That’s where I come in.

I work with 6 & 7-figure brands that are scaling their way  up – and they want to get there by engaging in deep marketing.

I’ve been honored to coach, train, and work with more than 3,000 business owners looking to successfully launch their offers and attract best fit clients and customers.

You could be next!

how it works

Sprints have limited availability.

I’ll review your application and if your needs are a great fit for a copy sprint, then you’ll get an email welcoming you to the VIP  lounge along with our itinerary and all the links you’ll need to get us started. 

After that, it goes a little something like this…

VIP with Greta K, Step 4

Book Your Sprint

You’ll choose your VIP Copy Sprint and pay upfront to save your time on my schedule.

VIP with Greta K, Step 4

Deliver the Deets

You’ll fill out my comprehensive questionnaire, share all the necessary links and assets, and book your kick-off call.

VIP with Greta K, Step 4

Kick-off Call

We’ll fill in any gaps in the deets you delivered and get our mind meld on regarding voice and strategy. 

VIP with Greta K, Step 4

Easy Like Monday Morning

I’ll start pouring my brilliance onto your page while you get own zen on in your zone of genius. 

VIP with Greta K, Step 4

But wait! There's more...

Not only do you get strategic, personality-optimized and persuasive conversion copy – just days later – you’ll also get a full copy presentation via Loom walkthrough – with access to me all your clarity questions via Voxer, Loom & email!

Your sprint. Your way.

This is the VIP experience you’ve been waiting for if…

On Your Desk By Monday Copywriting Sprints with Greta K

You know the value of incredibly good copy and you’re ready to throw some money at this and know that it’s in expert hands.


You believe that in order to convert, you’ve got to lead with empathy and service with support.


You’re not a fan of the “Speed & Greed” business model and you’re invested in customer-centered relationship marketing.


→ You need better results than you can get from yourself but don’t have time for a full, premium copywriting project.


You’re ready to launch, like yesterday, but you know that you don’t just need pretty words. You need conversions.

Greta’s work is incredibly thorough. It can take years to learn the craft of copywriting and Greta is clearly an expert at the top of her game!

Copy isn’t just her strength, it’s her passion.

She has the ability to listen carefully and ask just the right questions to get the information she needs to create quality copy – copy that caused my clients’ conversion rates to increase dramatically!

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Alison Boyle

Founder, LA Marketing


When is the kickoff call?

Your 90-minute kickoff call will be scheduled for the Thursday or Friday before your VIP Copy Sprint begins. 

Your VIP Copy Sprints will begin on Monday. 

Having the kickoff call prior to your sprint day is crucial. It allows us to get all the preliminaries out of the way so that I can fully focus on your copy sprint.

Can you really get it all done that fast?

Absolutely. That’s the beauty of experience. At the end of your 7-Day SP or 14-day FC VIP Copy Sprint, you will receive all of the copy that you purchased.

How long is the waitlist?

It varies but is generally can be anywhere between 2-6 weeks. I can get booked up quickly for the typically busy launch prep seasons, so if you need it, apply now.

What if I need revisions or more work done?

You’re always welcome to book additional VIP Copy Sprints when you have more than one project that needs attention.

Your sprint comes with 7 or 14 days of Voxer, Loom,  and email support that can be used for clarity questions, design dilemmas, and light edits.

If you’re interested in applying to partner for a premium project, please contact me here.

What if I'm not clear on my offer or funnel?

If you’ve got a pretty good idea but you need to hone in and refine your offer or funnel, I recommend that you go ahead and apply so that we can discuss how best to work together in order to craft the perfect offer and/or the perfect funnel with copy to match.

Why are your prices so low?

I get asked about this a lot and I’m going to give you my no BS, totally transparent answer.

My business model is highly intentional and allows me to be accessible, effective, and highly selective about who I work with, what I work on, and in what capacity – all at the same time.


Copy that passes the vibe check and empowers your readers to buy is just a click away.

Are you ready?