Your special thing needs a name that gets you noticed, gets you known & gets you buyers – now.

The best ideas and offers in the world will never make the kind of impact you know they can if they don’t capture attention and win hearts and minds.

You don’t want your target market to look at your offers and see more of the same old, so-called solutions they see everywhere.

Not-So-Magical Masterminds
Pass-On-It Digital Products
So-What Services
Count-Me-Out Courses
Meh Memberships
Probably-Not Programs

Your resting pitch face has been getting more desperate by the day.

Listen, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Say goodbye to…

Being overlooked and underbooked.

You’re a service provider with killer skills but you’re tired of being the best kept secret of not- the-greatest-fit clients.

Imagine how would your business – and your life – would change if you had a waiting list of highly qualified leads who are happy to pay for your expertise and thrilled to get on your calendar.

benefit upsplash
benefit upsplash

Struggling to move your assets.

You’ve got a vault of vast knowledge but the only thing it’s doing is burning a hole in your bottom line. 

Imagine what it would be like if putting your assets on the line meant that your followers and your fan club grow so much and so fast that your digital products started flying off the proverbial shelves. 

Stressed out by lackluster launches.

You were born to teach, coach, and mentor but it’s like the Olympics up in here and you keep getting up close and personal with the agony of defeat.

Imagine being the business owner that you know you’re meant to be – filling your programs to standing room only status with low-stress launches that are smooth like Sunday morning.

benefit upsplash


A bespoke naming service that helps business owners like you to take control of the narrative and get noticed so you can connect with your audience and your offers can convert like crazy.

Get ready to market like it’s haute with your perfect-fit, mic drop name.

Get Noticed

If you don’t pass the vibe check – and the value check – like, immediately, then you can kiss that sale goodbye. It’s all about resonating with your people right off the bat.

Get Known

Nothing speeds up that Know-Like-Trust Factor like word of mouth. This is the secret to being recommended and referred constantly – filling up your pipeline and your programs.

Get Clicks Now

Your clients and customers are facing an ocean of opportunities. So, you need to be memorable – starting with your offers and intellectual property. You’ve got to stand out to make sales. 

It’s time to step into your high-level, celebrity status.

What can we name?

Strategic, sales-inducing names for your…



Imagine going from barely making it to booked-out!

Your packages, processes, frameworks, etc. will get the full glow up treatment.



Imagine going from unknown to worldwide!

Can we name your digital products? You bet your sweet assets we can.



Imagine going from crickets to endless clicks!

We’ll drop some names on your programs, modules, bonuses,  and more.


Create your own advantage.

Hello, I’m Greta K. 

Coach, Copy Chief, Sales & Offer Suite Strategist.

Why should you trust me? Because that’s what the cool kids do. 

Seriously, I’ve spent years being a power player behind the scenes. My client roster includes industry legends and I’ve coached, trained, and worked with over 3,000 business owners in mindset, messaging, and marketing as they serve and scale. 

My not-so-secret superpowers include the ability to turn an objection into a selling point in under 90 seconds – it’s been tested thoroughly – and creating gotta-have-it names for the service packages, products, and programs in your offer suite.

Yep, that means your course, the modules, the bonuses, everything. I can even make that simple checklist drool-worthy.

Greta is the offer queen.

I was struggling to get my business off the ground. She helps you create a business you love running.

She helps you take your profits to the next level. 

Definitely, take any opportunity to learn from her – or if you’re lucky enough, work with her!

Jay McGrane

Founder, McGrane Freelance

Working with Greta was a fabulous experience for both me and my students.

She is extremely well skilled and highly effective at marketing, conversions, mindset, and more.

I was able to fully trust her to help my 100+ clients.

Greta is amazing and always delivers!

Melissa Ricker

Founder, Funnel Boss Academy

Greta hears and sees things others don’t when it comes to connecting offers to an audience.

She will work with clients to take an idea, turn it sideways and upside down, and change it from something that just doesn’t click to “uh, I needed that yesterday so please take my money.”

She does it effortlessly.

Robin Carberry

Founder, Robin Carberry Coaching


can't i just follow an info product or do this myself?

Absolutely! In fact, I’ve got a DIY program – Make a Name for Yourself – coming out soon. Want first dibs? Visit the Contact page and drop me a quick note that you want in.

will you teach me how to name my own stuff?

I do have a DIY program dropping soon – Make a Name for Yourself – to get you started and all of my naming clients will get these tools as part of our work together. 

How long does it all take?

It depends on your needs. Some clients just need a one or two-hour session to go over their things and get them on their way. Other clients need a longer service with all the bells and whistles while we create an in-depth strategy and conventions for their intellectual property.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Cost is certainly in the eye of the beholder but I know that it can also be on the P&L statement. The Name Drop is an investment for business owners who are looking to level up and go big.

That said, my DIY program – Make a Name for Yourself – will go live soon.

If you need expert input without the high ticket price tag, you can book a special 1-hour brainstorming session of The Name Drop with me for just $500.

How do you name things? Do you just like, brainstorm?

Like most other kinds of marketing projects, it goes a little something like this:

  • Discovery
  • Research & Data Aggregation
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Hierarchy of Insights
  • Deliverable Development < starts with brainstorming
  • Delivery
  • High Fives & Hip Bumps!


Will you file my trademark for me?

I do not offer trademark filing services, though I do recommend that you consult with an attorney and am happy to work with you both.


Let’s name drop.